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Lillucia has an area of about 250 square meters...Lillucia has an area of about 250 square meters and it can accommodates 4 person, and two possible others in the living room. It has a double room with its own bathroom and a second one a little bit smaller with its own bathroom too near the kitchen; In the vast living room there are 2 sofa-bed and in the dining-room there is a table for 6 persons. Outdoor the kitchen is completed by a wood-burning stone's oven and by a grill zone.Two near lathwork open courtyards equipped with ducchene look to the sea, from which we can admire a beautiful view on the estate and on the sea and, in clear days, the sunset behind Tunisian mountains. Of the two patio one is used as open air living room and as aperitif zone, the other one is a dining zone with a tiled table for 16/20 persons; in this local there is also an alcove to take afternoon siestas. Near of it there is a big Pantesco's garden with citrus trees and on the opposite side an arcade completes this dammuso that dates back in the early 20th century.


Lillucia front viewLillucia front view

Lillucia's outdoor.

The lathwork open court.The lathwork open court.

Tiled table and alcove.Tiled table and alcove.

A living room corner.A living room corner.

Alcove terraceAlcove terrace

Detail of the terraceDetail of the terrace



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