Pantelleria Dammuso vela

Houses (dammusi)

Dammuso vela :

-from 2 to 8 persons
-200 mt from the sea
-3 bedrooms + 1
-4 bathrooms
-seaview from terrace
-tv, satellite
-lovely panorama

Dammuso vela - Map of Pantelleria. Beautiful position between the lake and the sea recomended for a peaceful and relaxing vacation,accomodation from 2 to 8 persons, 4 bathrooms, lounge, Tv, etc.

Dammuso Vela. The Vela Dammuso has 2 apartments,Dammuso Vela. The Vela Dammuso has 2 apartments,

totally independent. The superior has 3 bedrooms (with bathroom), a large lounge at the entrance and kitchen with dining room with dishwasher, washing machine, television with satellite. This apartment can accomodate 6 persons + 2 in the lounge. The apartment on the ground floor cam accomodate 2 persons and has a kitchen, bathroom and covered patio.

Dammuso vela - Vela Housse (dammuso). (foto 2)

Dammuso vela - Vela Housse (dammuso). (foto 3)

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