Arches Rekhale: the tenduso

Rent from privat to privat.

Arches Rekhale :

The Tenduso - 2 beds.The Tenduso - 2 beds.

A fascinating and original cultural synthesis between the constructive and Berber tent, home to the Bedouins of the desert, and the dammuso Pantelleria.

In tenduso the outer walls of lava stone, typical of Pantelleria, as they cover an original Berber tent supported by a curved piece of wood, supported by two tall poles of 2.5 m.

Great attention paid to the interior, where every object, every tissue has a history and contribuiscie to increase the attraction of a unique and rare.

The small structure consists of a main sleeping area, a kitchenette with sink, gas stove, fridge and a bathroom split into bathroom and shower.

Arches Rekhale - the tenduso. (foto 2)


Arches Rekhale - the tenduso. (foto 4)

Arches Rekhale - the tenduso. (foto 5)


Arches Rekhale - the tenduso. (foto 7)

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