Pantelleria Dammuso Sidonia

Dammuso for sell from private to private.

Dammuso Sidonia :

-5 sleeping places
-500 m from the sea
-5 rooms
-2 bathrooms
-1 terrace
-Wonderful garden 1.500 m2
-Ocean view

For sell, Dammuso Sidonia 120 m2 and a big garden 1. 500 qm, about 500 m from the sea.

More information :
Gentile +39 340 0010044

Project Pantelleria 'Sidonia'Project Pantelleria 'Sidonia'

The Island of Pantelleria – italian territory – is located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, between Sicily and the tunisian coast. It is connected via sea by daily ferryboats from Trapani (6 hour), and via air by daily flights from Trapani and Palermo (30 minutes). During the summer season there are also direct flights from Rome and from northern Italy.

The port and city of Pantelleria are located at the north-east edge of the Island, loooking towards Sicily. Other localities on the island are Scauri/Rekhale on the west coast, looking towards Africa, and Khamma/Tracino on the south-east coast.The local population is appr. 8.000, but increases considerbly during the summer season by tourism.

The property, object of this presentation, is located at the lower edge of the village (contrada) of Tracino, at about 200 meter above sea level, and is reached through a short private road. The distances to the village center (for shopping) and to the sea-shore are half a mile respectively.

The property was purchased in 1974 by the present owner Sidonia von Borcke. Observing and respecting carefully local construction techniques, materials and environmental habits, she developed and improved it for 40 years up to what it is today: a perfect vacation resort for family and guests. However, due to her advanved age she is contemplating the sale of the property, hopefully that a new owner would invest the same love and commitment which she had dedicated to it during all those years!

The property is offered ready to be used and inhabited: including - if so desidered – all the furniture, equipment, installation, materials, except only a few articles of personal or emotional nature.


The entire plot covers approx. 1650qm. The surrounding boundaries are: on one side a small private road, on one side another plot with garden and a house, on all other sides agricultural (wine) land.
Electricity: connected with local e-agency SMEDE
Telefono: connected with “Telecom”
Water: connected with the local water supply system. In addition: collection of rain water and its
conservation in 2 cisterns of together 60 cbm capacity.
Radio / TV: parabolic antenna
Gas: Propane, with external deposit


When the property was purchsed in 1974 there was only one single “dammuso” (the arabic word for the typical Pantelleria house) dating back from medieval times, with its’ donkey stable. All other buildings which exist today, have been built during the period 1975-- -1995. All of them are regularly registered and authorized (condono edilizio). Relative documentation is available. The local building regulations would also permit eventual minor additions or extensions to already existing buildings.
Dammuso (21 qm)

Historic construction (16° century) in lava rock, used for wine-production. After careful renovation it has become guest-house (4 beds).
Guest-bath ( 6 qm)

Used to be the stable of the donkey, today the service bath for the guests, with shower, basin, lavatory, washing-machine.
Kitchen (13 qm)

New construction 1975. Fully equipped, gas/electr.-cooking, refrigerator/freezer, steel-sink, dish-washer, dining-table.
Veranda (27 qm)

New construction 1995. Ample day-room with direct pass from the kithen. Dining-table for 8 person, cash-iron stove from scandinavia for winter heating, large glas-windows give view on the garden. From fhe veranda a covered passage leads to the “master”-house:
Sleeping-Room (12 qm)
King-size bed in stone 1.80 x 2.00 , ample closet. Direct passage to
Day-Room (20 qm)
Fully equipped and furnished, with open fire-place in vulcanic rock. Passage to
Pre-Bath ( 6qm)
Fully equipped and furnished, basin, electr.heating. passage to
Bath/Shower ( 5 qm)

Lavatory / bidet /seperate shower cabin

Garage / Car-Deposit (21qm)

Near the entrance to the lot and connected with the private road a garage, with inside space for a big car and much materials, garden furniture and utilities. In front of the garage property parking-space for another car.
Function Zones – non covered

Between guest-“dammuso” and kitchen a court-yard bamboo-covered, with stone benches, a large stone table with ceramic lining, ample permanent vegetation: the main living/eating place for the summer season!
Close to the court-yard a barbecue-stove in lava rock.

Since the entire lot is positioned on a hill side, the garden zones are on different levels: the lowest level, close to the pedestrian entrance and identified on the enclosed map with “A”, is cultivated with olives, lemons and palms. A medium level, on the map identified with “B”, is a so-called “giardino Pantesco”, with one orange and one lemon tree in the middle; another medium level “C” is covered by century-old olive-trees. The upper levels of the garden behind the house are covered by spontaneous mediterranean vegetation “D”, by palms, cactus and roses “E”.
Cisterns / Water Deposits

At the lower end of the garden zone D and E are located the 2 cisterns for collecting the rain water from all building roofs, and for keeping surplus water eventually supplied by the public. One of the cisterns is totally underground, has an irregular form, is made of burnt clay, and should be of roman or greek origine. The other one is only partially underground, built in cement in 1980.

Dammuso Sidonia

Dammuso Sidonia

Dammuso Sidonia

Dammuso Sidonia

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