Pantelleria Zubebi resort

Village dammusi - Relais - Hotels reservation.

Pantelleria Zubebi resort :

-ideal dammusi for the brace
-2 kl from the services
-rooms from 2 with bath
-1 terrace with cannizzo
-fantastic swimming pool

The dammusi of Zubebi have been restructure with nature
following dictate me to you of the antichi masters.The inner ones are enriched from only pieces orient them.

Zubebi Resort - Pantelleria.Zubebi Resort - Pantelleria.

Garden typical Pantelleria - Zubebi resort.Garden typical Pantelleria - Zubebi resort.


LOLIVO Pantano.LOLIVO Pantano.

Restaurant area.Restaurant area.

Jardin Pantesco balanced input.Jardin Pantesco balanced input.

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Pantelleria dammusi Pantelleria dammusi