Pantelleria Dammusi di Ponente

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Dammusi di Ponente :

-dammusi from 2 to 10 persons
-250 meters from the shore
-some can patios
-terraces with panoramic sea
-sunset on the sea
-800 mts form touristic port

Dammusi on sunset: it's an extension of 2,5 acres in the most beautiful valley in the west where the hot African sunsets surround the wide screen of nature nearby. Dammuso Le Palme - Dammuso Anforetta - Dammuso Margherita - Dammuso Solario - Dammuso Oleadro - Dammuso Le Volte.


It's about an area of 2,5 acres in the most beautiful northern valley of the island, where the hot african sunset is the frame for the nature that surrounds you.

The Penna valley, is 1500 meters far away from the Scauri village, 800 meters from the touristic seaport and 200 meters from the seaside.In the surrounding gardens, between Palm trees, Oleanders, Hybiscus and many other typical plants, rise figs trees and more spaces to be used as wineyard of sugary zibibbo grape.

There's some houses around the area, each of them are dammusi covered in lava rock and with ancient roof tops, for a perfect conservation of warm and cool. The real estates have been built with the best available materials, with all comforts available and with heating if needed.

Every Dammuso has it's own entrance with lawn and fences. Parking lots are available inside and outside the fences, and private gardens ensure the best privacy beetween the Dammusi around.

Each Dammuso has it's own private spaces outside with can patios to protect from sun and wind, where is comfortable to have a meal or a drink, relax and enjoy sunset on the sea.

The furniture is ethnic type, and romantic staying is granted, unforgettable is the time, as unforgettable is the island.

In a central area beetween all the Dammusi lies a particular pool and a nice hot tub, where every comfort is assured, where you can find refreshment or enjoy the sun, you can socialize having a drink before the wonderful gift of nature: the sunset.
Furthermore there is a huge sail gazebo for reading, relaxing and meals with friends.
Barbecue and laundry available for guests on request.

Dammuso Le Volte reigns just away, it's a recent and luxury estate with plenty of room and well finished, with wide outer and inner spaces and a private pool as big as 7 x 14 meters, with a shore and a level water.

Mrs Gloria spends the summer period in her own Dammuso inside the area, lending private dammus for leasure and pleasure. Gloria does her best to fulfil all the client's requests, and for those who want to escape from their own privacy, she may host you sometime to dinner in her own Dammuso for a snack or a drink with a Pantelleria taste. Her goal is a fine and interesting relationship that can assure an intense and pleasant stay, providing the simplest earthly pleasure: a smile.

sunset on the poolsunset on the pool

second poolsecond pool

Main entranceMain entrance


The sea over our homeThe sea over our home

second poolsecond pool

gazibo a disposizionegazibo a disposizione

central poolcentral pool

pool wiewpool wiew

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