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pantelleria offerta del Kuddia Blu
 Kuddia Blu

Kuddia Blu

-2 posti letto
-a 2km dal mare (acque calde)
-1 camera, 1 bagno
-1 terrazza cannizzata
-al lato sud ovest dell' isola
-antico dammuso con alcova
-aria condizionata

Offer Last Minute

September in dammuso 300 €s per week for two people - all inclusive

 Kossoura (Greco)
pantelleria offerta del Dammuso Solestelle
 Dammuso Solestelle
 pantelleria rent vacation

Dammuso Solestelle

-For 2 to 6/8 people
-1 mile from the seaside
-3 rooms with queen sb + 2 twin
-2 bathrooms
-2 porches
-Agricoltural surrounding
-View of the sea, sunset

Offer Last Minute

June 320, July 420, August 540 €s 2 persons/week

 Cossura (Latino)
pantelleria offerta del Dammuso Poppy
 Dammuso Poppy

Dammuso Poppy

-For 2 to 4 persons
-2 km from the sea, seaview sunse
-2 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
-Livingroom, kitchen, large
-Covered terrace, barbecue
-Livingroom in arabic garden
-Outdoor shower, air condition

Offer Last Minute

July - 45 €s person / night + 1 day motorboat free the week!

 Cossyra (Latino)
pantelleria offerta del Dammusi di Pantelleria
 Dammusi di Pantelleria
 pantelleria italia

Dammusi di Pantelleria

-Dammusi from 2 2 / 2 to 6 people
-2 km from the sea
-1 bedroom / 2 bedrooms
-1 bath / 1bagno
-Cane roof terraces with sea view
-Vista sunset

Offer Last Minute

July 20 € per Person. August 30 € a Person.

 Cossira (Latino)
pantelleria offerta del Dammusi Cala Tramontana
 Dammusi Cala Tramontana
 exchange pantelleria

Dammusi Cala Tramontana

-2 to 4 (5) beds
-A 60 m of the sea
-1 to 2 bedrooms
-1 bathroom
-Terrace, barbecue stone
-Between two creeks, sea view
-Private parking

Offer Last Minute

At 60 m from the sea! June 300 €s - July 400 €s for 2 people / week

 Pantellaria (Bizantino)
pantelleria offerta del Dammusi al Lago
 Dammusi al Lago
 case pantelleria

Dammusi al Lago

-dammuso grande (4 a 5 posti)
-dammuso piccolo (2 a 3 posti)
-800 m dal mare
-sulla riva del lago di venere
-terrazze panoramiche
-tranquillo, immerso nel verde
-acque calde e fanghi termali

Offer Last Minute

Offer not to be missed! Dammusi at Lago di Venere for August.

 Pantellarea (Bizantino)
pantelleria offerta del Dammuso Panoramico
 Dammuso Panoramico
 isole pantelleria

Dammuso Panoramico

-da 2 a 4 posti letto
-1,5 km dal mare (acque termali)
-2 km dal porto di scauri
-2 camere matrimoniali, 1 bagno
-vista panoramica sul mare
-barbecue,forno, doccia esterna
-tramonto, panorama

Offer Last Minute

July: 25 € person / night August: 30 € person / night

 Patelareas (Bizantino)
pantelleria offerta del Dammusi by the sea
 Dammusi by the sea
 pantelleria rent

Dammusi by the sea

-2 dammusi; 8 beds and 3 beds
-6 mt. and 70 mt. from the sea
-3 rooms and 1 room
-3 bathrooms and 1 bathroom
-large verandas
-direct and easy access to sea
-total relax

Offer Last Minute

June 500 € for 2 people / week

 Patelereas (Bizantino)
pantelleria offerta del Dammusi Vacanze
 Dammusi Vacanze

Dammusi Vacanze

-da 2 a 8 posti letto
-1,5 km dal mare
-camere matrimoniali e posti singoli
-4 bagni, terrazze panoramiche
-con copertura esterna, tranquilità
-solarium, barbecue, giardino
-alberato, località esclusiva

Offer Last Minute

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 Patalareas (Bizantino)
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