Pantelleria arts photo Pantelleria arts photo

Sail light - A light mellowed by a sail of silk create around the screen an ideal atmosphere for you and your eyes.. .  
Special offer for the freaks of navigationSail light

Animals - Pantelleria Island Fauna. When patience have not limits.
Photo by Fausto Ristori.Animals

Ceramics and Raku - Ceramic art studio. Local manufacture forged and hand painted by us.Ceramics and Raku

Take a look - Pantelleria, wiews from the lens of Fausto RistoriTake a look

Carlo Marzuttini - Sculptures of Carlo Marzuttini - Exhibition in Pantelleria - Hardware - SoftwareCarlo Marzuttini

Rock Shots of Fausto Ristori. - Some photos of the huge musical archive of Fausto Ristori.Rock Shots of Fausto Ristori.

T N T Damages - T'N'T Damages  Paintings and sulptures of Thomas Bernardo and Tommaso SiragusaT N T Damages

G.A.M - Painting - scupture - fotografie - computer grafic and installationG.A.M

Lights and Shapes - Show Salvatore Bernardo and Sebastian Fischer (Pantelleria show)Lights and Shapes

13 Shots - Photo exhibition by Fausto Ristori.13 Shots

Il Geko - Il Geko - Associazione Culturale di Pantelleria
Il Geko

Waiting room - Martian Arts Group - Direct from Mars. Show Pantelleria.Waiting room

Acta - Acta - Mostre Estate 2005 - Tessere di note jazz - Intrecci luminosi - Rose Rocce - Morbide e avvolgenti - Letto e retroletto - Stone collection - Aliens - Deno.Acta

Pantelleria a modo mio - Landscapes from Anna Ferrandes Pantelleria a modo mio

Fiaba - Dall'orto... una fiaba...Fiaba

Mobili Decorati - Mobili decorati, pannelli dipinti, ceramiche, paraventi, bauli, specchi, testate.  esposizioni di Giancarlo Zompì.Mobili Decorati

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