Dammuso flowers: The view, the sea ...

Rent from privat to privat.

Dammuso flowers :

The port of Scauri near the dammusi.The port of Scauri near the dammusi.

Sea view.Sea view.

View from the dammusi.View from the dammusi.

View from dammuso Oasi.View from dammuso Oasi.


Plants of the gardenPlants of the garden

Faro Scauri area.Faro Scauri area.

The sea of PantelleriaThe sea of Pantelleria

Clear sea of Pantelleria.Clear sea of Pantelleria.

In the south of the island.In the south of the island.

Sunset Scauri Punta Tre Pietre.Sunset Scauri Punta Tre Pietre.

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