Dammuso flowers: Dammuso Oasi

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Dammuso flowers :

Dammuso Oasi for 2 to 3 personsDammuso Oasi for 2 to 3 persons

Incomparable for his location and panoramic sea view, the dammuso Oasis is elegantly furnished with attention to detail. Garden with a gazebo and area to relax.

It is composed of a double bedroom with a canopy bed, bathroom, living room with kitchenette and sofa bed.

An extraordinary terrace extending to infinity has another outdoor kitchen, barbecue, dining area, outdoor shower. All exclusive use.
Car park .

Outside of Dammuso Oasi.Outside of Dammuso Oasi.

Lunch area.Lunch area.

view from the terrace.view from the terrace.

Equipped terrace.Equipped terrace.


Outdoor kitchen.Outdoor kitchen.

Livingroom with kitchenette.Livingroom with kitchenette.


Sofa bed.Sofa bed.

Room with four-poster bed.Room with four-poster bed.


Outdoor shower.Outdoor shower.


View from Dammuso Oasi.View from Dammuso Oasi.

Roof of the Oasi.Roof of the Oasi.

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