Dammuso Ghirlanda: The property

Dammuso for sell from private to private.

Dammuso Ghirlanda :

Dammuso Ghirlanda - The property. (foto 5)

Dammuso Ghirlanda - The property. (foto 6)

Dammuso Ghirlanda - The property. (foto 7)

Antique cisterna (water tank) restructurated in...Antique cisterna (water tank) restructurated in the respect of the tradition

Entrance of the cisternaEntrance of the cisterna

Door between the patio behind the house and the...Door between the patio behind the house and the covered terrace.

The solarium, patio behind the house.The solarium, patio behind the house.

Fruit and olive trees. Fruit and olive trees.

View from the dammusoView from the dammuso

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