Dammuso Club: dammuso Panorama

Rent from privat to privat.

Dammuso Club :

dammuso Panorama - 4 places readdammuso Panorama - 4 places read

Composed Dammuso gives: matrimoniale bedroom, stay with two divani read(photo), zone baking, bath, equipped terrace seen panoramic.

the zone lunch of the dammuso Panoramathe zone lunch of the dammuso Panorama

plant dammuso Panoramaplant dammuso Panorama

Read room matrimoniale, stay with two divani read in masonry and plan baking, bath, equipped terrace (non in plant).

the terrace - dammuso Panoramathe terrace - dammuso Panorama

inserted panoramic terrace in the typical roofs to time that
serve for the collection of the piovana water.

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