Dammuso Club: dammuso Grande

Rent from privat to privat.

Dammuso Club :

dammuso Grande - 6 places readdammuso Grande - 6 places read

Composed Dammuso gives: Two matrimoniale bedrooms, matrimoniale alcove (in the photo) stay, cucinotto, bath, equipped external space.

the dammuso it is characterized from an ancient and rare pavement of

plant dammuso Grandeplant dammuso Grande

Matrimoniale room, matrimoniale alcove, matrimoniale room with two beds singoli(a demanded), stay, disengagement, cocinotto, bath, eqipped terrace (non in plant).


the characterized stay and from the real time and the pavement
in maiolica.

matrimoniale roommatrimoniale room

typical beadspread patchwork of the handicraft isolates

the terracethe terrace

in first slowly the income of the terrace, in second slowly the income of the dammuso Grande.

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