Pantelleria Dammuso 5 teeth

Rent from privat to privat.

Dammuso 5 teeth :

-from 2 to 5 places read
-200 mt from the sea
-2 bedrooms
-1 bathroom
-2 terraces
-beautifulst zone of the sea
-peace, hush, nature

The dammuso é situated to 200 mt. from the sea in the Reservoir Natural. Completely encircled from the forest of Mediterranean spot it isdefended on the slopes of one small goes them

Panoramic of the 3 dammusiPanoramic of the 3 dammusi

On the left the dammuso called 'Valletta' on its line with one score of meters, smallest called 'Sardone Valletta' and with right-hand side larger called 'Bay of the 5 Teeth'

Villa 'bay of the 5 teeth'Villa 'bay of the 5 teeth'

The 'dammuso' is located at 200 m. sea in the zone of Natural Reserve in the North-East of the island. Completely surrounded of wood Mediterranean, on the slopes of a small valley.

Put little to receive to five people.

Boat, motorsailer - 9 m available for exits day labourers.Boat, motorsailer - 9 m available for exits day labourers.

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Valletta Villa Valletta Villa