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Although many of its summer residents are glamorous personalities in the art and fashion worlds, Pantelleria is still a place for contemplation, and an inspiring destination for artists.

The central piazza functions as the performing stage of an Italian opera serving at once as a crossing and meeting space, as an open kitchen, and as a living, dining and dancing area. This is not a place for doing things, but rather simply for being. To sit on the shaded verandah sipping a glass of local wine, watching goats nibbling along the rocks and waiting for sunset.

As beautiful and bountiful as its seascapes may be, it is the particular marriage of nature and agriculture that makes Pantelleria unique among Mediterranean islands. Men have carved terraces in the volcanic rock, shored them up with miles of meticulously crafted stone walls and created simple and ageless dwellings which exude permanence and a deep sense of belonging. This house was built with volcanic stones and, at night, it resembles a medieval village evoking the magic of a Shakespearean play. logo Dammusi of Francescalogo Dammuso Hoopoelogo Dammuso Ghirlanda

Villa Searanch
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