Pantelleria Dammuso Magia

Rent from privat to privat.

Dammuso Magia :

-2 to 4 beds.
-2 km from the sea.
-2 bedrooms.
-2 bathrooms.
-Stone barbecue.
-Garden (garden), the sunset over the sea
-Dammuso very quiet

This ancient dammuso is nestled in the quiet countryside of Pantelleria. Inside the house is a cozy room with kitchenette equipped with all the facilities' oven, dishwasher, refrigerator. Two double bedrooms and two bathrooms offer comfortable accommodation for 4 people. For life outside under a large pergola are sun loungers hammocks sofas and a large table near a barbecue for dinner with friends, surrounded by the beautiful garden full of palm trees, fruit trees, vegetables and vines.

Dammuso Magia whit his wonderful gardenDammuso Magia whit his wonderful garden

MAGIA, like magic, You will be enchanted by this wonderful place !

In the peaceful countryside of Pantelleria, isolated from the traffic and noise of modern life, there is this magical Dammuso (a rural house made of stone, typical of the island, characterized by a dome roof to gather the rain and for temperature regulation, furthermore, one of the most interesting examples of Sicilian architecture). This house has a beautiful garden abundantly planted with palm trees, fruit trees, vegetables and some Indian fig plants, otherwise known as the prickly pears.

You can catch a glimpse of the sea through the vegetation and as it is a short distance, it will only take a couple of minutes to descend to the Sciuveki sea by scooter or car. As the Dammuso is centrally situated it allows easy access to the several descending routes leading to the sea.

Just five minutes away is the SibĂ  cave, a large rocky fault from which water vapour is discharged, creating a natural sauna used for therapeutic and beauty treatments.

Ten minutes away is the beautiful and unique lake Mirror of Venus. Its waters are hot and sulfur saturated and together with its natural sludge form beneficial therapeutic properties for the skin.

The Dammuso Magia is also a short distance away from the perfect arrival place for trekking excursions all over the island.

A short walk from the house will bring You to one nice little shop in Bukkuram and a few minutes further in the towns of Scauri or Pantelleria there are several shops full of things to offer You.

A beautiful cane trellis offers You a unique experience of finding the perfect place in the shade on a hot day enabling You to relax and enjoy the soft sea breeze.

For lunches, dinners and your special occasions with friends, outdoor at moonlight, a stone barbecue, a large table, chairs and sofa are provided.

The house conveys an atmosphere of comfort and offers modern features ranging from a dishwasher to a fridge.

Two comfortable bedrooms with air-conditioner which also has heating capability enabling the rooms to be warm in the 4th/5th period when the temperature becomes cooler even though it is hardly ever cold in Pantelleria. Lastly there are two bathrooms both of which have a multijet shower, one of these in the double room, the other in the living area.

Exterior of the house,  beginning of the large garden with a vineyard.Exterior of the house, beginning of the large garden with a vineyard.

In this corner of the house is a stone staircase leading white domes on the roof from where, on comfortable cushions, you can 'see the sunset over the sea.

Roof of dammuso.Roof of dammuso.

Roof of dammuso with comfortable cushions.

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