Dammuso of Aloe: Veranda

Rent from privat to privat.

Dammuso of Aloe :

veranda,  solarium and external showerveranda, solarium and external shower

Another view from the verandaAnother view from the veranda

Orange tree under the verandaOrange tree under the veranda

Covered veranda.Covered veranda.

In summer the most beautiful thing is have dinner outside

Ancient stack.Ancient stack.

And the more comfortable and beautiful preparing to eat outside, hence the particular ancient stack (sink) and on the left you can not see c 'a portable kitchen that will allow you to cook outdoors.

Veranda and Solarium.Veranda and Solarium.

If you want to rest you lie down on the mattresses and pillows if you do not tire of sun c 'solarium.

Solarium and outdoor shower.Solarium and outdoor shower.

The romantic evening to have a drink in the sun even when the fiery sky by sunset and the silence of the countryside he keeps company.

Big table under the verandaBig table under the veranda

Lemon treeLemon tree

Table and barbequeTable and barbeque

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