Atmospheres Pantelleria: Dammuso Palms

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Atmospheres Pantelleria :

Dammuso Le Palme - Inside the dammuso.Dammuso Le Palme - Inside the dammuso.

The dammuso Le Palme is located in the district Khamma, 3 km. from the sea
With outdoor areas, surrounded by palm trees, lemon trees, vineyards
Can 'hold up to 6 people: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 kitchen.

Dammuso The Palms - The exterior of the dammuso.Dammuso The Palms - The exterior of the dammuso.

Dammuso Le Palme - Bedroom.Dammuso Le Palme - Bedroom.

Room in dammuso.Room in dammuso.

Room for two people placed in independent dammuso.

A room for two people.A room for two people.

The kitchen.The kitchen.

Equipped with crockery for 6 people, is decorated with soft colors and elegant.

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